Happy Heart

We see an ever growing need to be more and more self sufficient and help others do the same. A flock of free ranging chickens can survive with little to no feed in the right environment and provide a healthier egg than you can buy in the store. In 2012 we will continue to offer healthy dual purpose pullets for our customers as well as adding silkies to our flock. Those of you who know us are thinking who has hacked the website. They would never add silkies. Well we have thought about it at great lenght and decided that they can be a productive addition to a flock because they are extremely broody. Our thought is to use the silkies to brood chicks for our private flock. Pullets can become layers and roosters can become chicken and rice.

We have five hard working kids. They feed the animals milk the goats and do many other chores around the farm as part of our family. They don't recieve and allowance or get paid for their chores, it is expected. We help our children raise money through their own business ventures. The two oldest daughters will feed out a steer and sell shares of beef and pork from time to time. We will post when they are selling shares on the website and our Facebook page. Our oldest son has sold turkeys in the past and learned the valuable lesson that turkeys are stupid and it hurts to loose money. This year he is making chicken waterers that will be availble the first of the year. Lucy is selling ducks. She is raising Welsch Harlequins which are great egg layers.
We will to continue to make all natural goat milk soap and beeswax lip balm. We are continuing to grow our goat herd and hope to offer both bucklings and doelings to those who are starting their own.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a visit.